THE Educators-Gulberg

THE Educators-Gulberg

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About Educators

“Established in November 1975 as the Les Anges Montessori Academy for toddlers, Beacon house has since grown into a global network of private schools, institutes, and universities, imparting distinctive and meaningful education to students from pre-school to post-graduation. The Educators, a project of Beacon house, has completed eleven years of service to educational development across the country with remarkable success. Established in 2002, it now has 800+ campuses & the market leader in Pakistan’s educational landscape with a presence in over 225+ cities and a student strength exceeding 175,000+. This makes The Educators outreach the largest compared to any other private school in the world.

Message of Director, The Educators

Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in The Educators- the only school at the helm of providing quality education to 175,000 children across Pakistan. The 41 years of excellence that Beacon house has achieved in education has contributed towards the development of a strong, affordable yet quality English medium set-up called The Educators. This website is designed to assist you in learning more about our school and the wonderful but unique educational programs that we offer.

Allow me to share my brief professional profile with you. With an MBA from IBA, Karachi my career is spread over 38 years covering various roles in Sales, Marketing, Business Development and General Management in the Agricultural Chemicals, Telecom, Logistics and most recently in the Education Sector for Beacon house School System during the last 14 years. My current role as Project Director with The Educators began in February 2016.

Moving forward the vision of the Educators is my main aim and I have full confidence in the competence, determination and hard work of The Educators team who have worked extremely hard to provide a high quality of education to our students. As you are aware, The Educators was established in 2002, it now has 800+ contracts of different kinds including Pre-School, Primary School and Comprehensive School. It has become the market leader in Pakistan’s educational landscape with a presence in over 255 cities and a student strength exceeding 175,000.This makes The Educators outreach the largest compared to any other private school in the world.”.

Mr. Shahid Saeed Butt


Mr. Shahid Saeed Butt
Director, The Educators Schools


“THE EDUCATORS” aims for a quality learning experience for the students and quality training for the faculty by providing excellence in education within our socio-cultural framework, bringing forth benefit to students, community and the country.


“THE EDUCATORS” envisions quality education as the key resource for national development, delivered to a cross section of our society through sustainable projects.

Quality Policy

To Serve our clients and maintain our position as a leader in school education.

Contact details

10-11 Gurumangat Road, Gulberg IIIGulberg-III,Lahore  Show Phone Number http://www.educators.edu.pk

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